Constipation! Day 16 zerotohero

Day 16: Make a writing prompt your own from the zero to hero challenge

Writing prompts can be a blogger’s best friend: on days when inspiration levels are low and fresh ideas are few, responding to someone else’s question can do get you out of a slump. Even if they were created for consumption by thousands of bloggers, they’re most productive when you personalize them to fit your own interests and perspective.

Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on today’s Daily Prompt.

Here’s today’s Daily Prompt:

Do you have a reputation?  What is it, and where did it come from?  Is this accurate?  What do you think abut it?

Right I have got the quest bit over and done with, so all of you should now clearly know what I am ‘supposed’, I say, ‘supposed’ to do!

The title might have you questioning a lot too.  I had been looking the last two days for the next daily quest in the zero to hero assignments and wasn’t seeing anything.  I began to wonder if I was in some strange sort of meditative state or stuck in time.  But I woke up this morning and apparently I am not, I am fully here, but CONSTIPATED!

Alternative view to being constipated!

Alternative view to being constipated!

Yes you got it right, constipated, literally metaphorically, physically and emotionally.  Yes the 2nd to last a bit TMI, but it is a fact.

I went to a zero balancing session for the first time two days ago.  I have to confess I have not any real clue how it works, only that it feels wonderful.  However, I woke up the next morning with all the afflictions mentioned, now this might be a coincidence, but perhaps zero balancing means just that, absolutely nothing.

Does this have anything to do with today’s topic of reputation?  I guess so.  That being the reason I am here, to write, to entertain in some way.  Usually my mind is flooding, literally bursting with ideas, thoughts, so much so it’s like a rave going on that I am permanently trying to turn the sound down on and get a bit of peace and quiet so I can streamline my thoughts.

I know there are stories, but it is like my creativity and imagination just packed their bags that night and left, I need an army of bloodhounds to go out and retrieve both absentees and return them to base forthwith.


The reputation is, that since being a whee one I have been a story teller of some kind.  Usually the verbal kind because I have been too damn lazy to put pen to paper.  It seems so much more hard work to do that than just talk.  I guess I also like the added advantage of being able to screw ones face up in to different positions and flail arms around for the added effect of drama, or that’s how I saw it in my mind, no doubt it looked like I was suffering from some sort of nervous twitch disorder, maybe I do?

Wave your arms around dramatically

Wave your arms around dramatically

Anyway, I grew up with a step father who was not only an eccentric but an Author and a story teller, a mother who wrote shorter articles for magazines and my father who absentee most of the time was/is also a writer!

My fairytale childhood home

My fairytale childhood home

I used to watch my step father hole himself up in the greenhouse, surrounded by a bevvy of tomatoes and steamed up glass.  Occasionally I was allowed to go in with a cup of tea upon my mother’s judicious instruction.  The smell of musty furry tomato leaves, because they are furry aren’t they and walking up stone paving felt like tiptoeing over a landmine which led to it all being quite a thrilling…no terrifying experience.

Don't burst the tomatoe

Don’t burst the tomatoe

My step father was known to be literally, quite explosive, if interrupted at a moment of creative intensity, it was not a pleasant sight.  It is amazing that to a child a man can seem to expand in size, glow red to match the tomatoes and seem to have steam emanate from his furious face.   Sometimes he would come in to the house in particular when writing one book based during the Battle of Britain.  He would put needle to various record discs consisting of fighter plane bombing sounds and firing or Marching anthems, at full blast to get full effect to be in ‘the mode’.  To think I used to get told off for playing Abba!!!

Battle commences, oh boy it's noisy

Battle commences, oh boy it’s noisy

That is just touching on a little of my childhood.  Stories seemed to follow me throughout life, or maybe just my mind’s ability to see them as such.

When I became a holistic therapist, my clients I swear used to not come in for my therapy skill set but to just hear my stories, in fact if my  memory serves me well, some in fact admitted to such.

So here I am blogging now and constipated.  Before the ‘c’ word I have had moments of confidence crisis, words in my head like “what are you doing, who really wants to read this stuff, when there are so many other more eloquent and funny people out there?” pass through my mind.  Or the memory of, my mother saying, “What do you want to be when you are older, surely you must know?”  Frustration passing over her features.  I said most of the time “I don’t know”, but sometimes I would say “I want to be famous mummy, I want to do something so amazing, discover something, be famous mummy!”

confidence or not?

confidence or not?

I am now a mother, I can appreciate her exasperation and the thing is, it doesn’t change.  A friend said to me recently “so what are you doing, blogging, what do you want to do with it?”  I said “I just want to write”  he looked at me, and said again “yes but what do you want to do with it?”  I said “just write.”  Then I hesitated, thought, felt I should give it a little more, about to answer as he said “but what is your selling point?”  I said “me” then went profusely red, waited for reproach.  He said “if it was that easy I would write and make a million”.  I said “It’s not about being easy, it’s just what I want to do and I can’t do it any other way that it being ‘me’ when I write”.

A few minutes elapsed….

He said “that’s good, good luck!”

So I guess we shall see where we, I should say, I, go from here!

Any comments and thoughts highly appreciated, sometimes my posts get a little lonely with no feedback (grins persuasively), can you imagine it? No?  Here’s some visual help….  points below

Persuasive grin?

Persuasive grin?

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