Bloggers in to the cooking pot!


Maria PopovaDave Pell, and Jason Kottke make a living by scouring the internet and blogging about their finds. They’re masters at rounding up great discoveries and sharing not only the links, but why they love them.

Today’s challenge: Publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why you love the posts — and why we should read ‘em.

bloggers in to the cooking pot!

bloggers in to the cooking pot!

Now, I have not been a great reader so far of others blogs, well what I mean is, I have read what is in my reader of what I already follow, gained from earlier challenges, but I have not branched out much further, simply due to time.

However in a few random moments, I have struck out wandering through the ether usually because I am stuck on something, google something, end up somewhere totally different to where I intended to be because I get distracted very easily by shiny things in particular, here is one shiny thing or site:

The Coffee Shop Blog

Why did I include this blog, oh my it is just full of shiny things, by that I mean things of aesthetic value, treats to the eyes.  She is an amazing photoshop artist and gives her stuff away for FREE yes you heard that right.  Unfortunately I am not a photoshopper in any form whatsoever, so I can’t use her stuff much to my distress, but it has prompted me to think about learning properly, I have a good book on it, never read, got some advice from a ‘dear friend’ most of which I have forgotten so I really need to knuckle down and concentrate on this so I can use some of this wonderful woman’s artwork and make my blog look splendiferous.  Whilst I say her artwork is free, I am sure she appreciates donations where possible.

I just signed up to follow her via email and got my first lovely post from her, a little snapshot of her personal life, so it’s not all photoshop its ‘real life’ too 🙂

Now I also get attracted to things close to my heart, or pain, being a sufferer of chronic pain, which on this blog I don’t highlight too much, but I found this wonderful blog whilst being on this blog so I shall mention her here again I think for the second time, hehe:

No one gets flowers for chronic pain

This brave woman shares her life of chronic pain.  What do I like about this blog, well it is sentimental because it is the first chronic blog I found and one that with her individual words at times made me feel brave enough to start my own chronic pain blog.  She is a regular contributor, I say this because some I have followed and there seem to be no posts, it is good to get updates and be ‘involved’ with the blogger.  She also has moved through to a place I am not at, and might not be and that is unmedicated and able to somehow work through her pain.

However with such emotional blogs close to heart, I have gone from being shy in the comment box to perhaps too frequent in her comment box, so have pulled back a little so I don’t get blocked from following this blog (gives embarrassed look)

3rd but not least, I do have a serious side at times, and hence this blog:

The seekers dungeon

Now today this particular post came through in my mail from the above blogger, however he got it from A piece of mind (who I am now following too).  I had touched on the history of the swastica symbol before, however this came from a very personal perspective. I had not got the whole story before and it’s well rivetting.  It is quite shocking how something that starts out with one meaning can be manipulated for something completely different and something so negative and that has such an impact on how people view it these days, and understandeably with the history attached to it.

So as you can probably see my mind flits from the frivolous to serious and lots inbetween, all the time.

Thank you for listening


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