A daughters tribute – Dungeon Prompt Week #7

I am re-blogging this from my ‘chronic pain’ blog as I just feel today like some other days during the year more heavily that someone is missing from my life, that being my mother! So I pay tribute to her today, Valentines Day! To my mum and every other mother loved by their daughter ~ plus everyone else of course, I believe Valentines should be for everyone to show anyone they wish their token of affection, appreciation and love ❤

It's a lonely place

Suggested Prompts:

*Tell us about someone that has been either an inspiration to or involved in your becoming the person that you are today.  Poets and authors tell us about your heroes.  Write something in their style.  Musicians pay homage to your mentors.  Fighters tell us about someone that has been a help to you in your walking the often times difficult path of this life.

Who is my hero, or heroine?

This is such an easy one for me, I have no need to think of any gurus, actors, policiticians, great people in the world and there are many of them.

For me, my heroine is my mother, I have touched on a little bit about her already in this blog on this page, as she is just there always in the recess’s of my mind as an integral part of…

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