Random Moments of Delight #11 ~ Doomsday to choccie day!

I always like to be able to contribute to Firebonnets Random Moments of Delight, otherwise I simply believe I must have had a really miserable week if I cannot find one simple moment of delight to reminisce about.

So it is Random Moment of Delight #11 and Firebonnets entry is about her bedlinen and what a tidy bedroom she has, I feel really quite remiss now.

So what about my Random Moment of Delight?

I have to be honest, I nearly did not put an entry in this week and I would have simply hated that.  But this morning I really struggled to look back upon the week and find anything that remotely resembled something of delight.  As most of you who read my blog will see that ‘at the moment’ there is a bit of a doggy theme going on, that is because ‘lots of doggy things’ have been going on and I believe very much one should ‘try’ to see some humour even when it seems that might be impossible.

So the children and husband were away this weekend, that in itself should have been a Random Moment of Delight, but it was one night and for me I was thinking “yeh, a lie in, will be great”.  Because my husband is an insomniac and starts rummaging around the house at about 4am, and though he tries to be quiet it is like a small elephant trying to be quiet.  Then the kids make no differentiation that it is a weekend and follow suit at about 6am, it really is quite hideous.

So I thought all I have to do is let the dogs out, throw some food in their bowls then I can retire back to bed with a cuppa and fall back to sleep!

Oh yah did that really happen?

For goodness sake this is me!!!  Of course it didn’t happen.  I am totally naive that such luxuries would happen to someone like me.  What did happen was, I went down and (don’t read further if you are squeamish), the dog room, which incidentally was meant initially to be a nice room for me to relax in with a glass of wine, as nice and sunny, now I hasten to add taken over by the dogs.  The dog room was covered in poo and sick, oh yes, here we go again.  I immediately looked at a distance to Teddys ass and all was in tact, thank god.  I threw him outside, thinking he was the culprit and that he could continue his neucleic attack in the garden.  Oh no, it was my geriatric pug this time.  OMG complete panic, has he caught this Coliatic or whatever they call it bug from Teddy, will he give it back, all this running through my mind on my relaxing Sunday morning.

So, I am in my  nighty, nice ‘new’ pink slippers with cloth and disinfectant in hand, oh no it won’t come off the floor, this ‘stuff’ seems to have glue in it or some gluish features that make it stick to the floor, here we have risk of fingers going in it.  I was not at this point awake enough to think of using gloves.  Next it is mop in hand and bowl full of bleach and organic floor cleaner.  Mop, Mop, Mop, scrub away, back starting to complain.  It is a crappy  mop that does not squeeze excess water in any way, now the dog room looks like it has been flooded (household duties in some ways not my forte).

Meanwhile the pug is watching me, thinking what the hell is going on.  I phone vets in panic, told just starve him and “see how he goes???”

So floor cleaned, next on to their bedlinen, a morning of washing.  By this time I really was too hyped to go back to bed and feeling rather disgusting.

So is there a moment of delight?

Well I decided later on upon the advice of a friend to go for a walk.  Oh yes, what a good idea.  I am totally selfish and go on my own, I really have had enough excitements from the dogs in one week, I will go out on my own and negate the risk of anything else catastrophic happening.

How relaxing is this?

I decide to take photos of my neighbours front garden, realizing how well they tend theirs, how pretty and how I really need to start working on mine.  You will see some of the delights seen below in the gallery, if  you scroll over each picture there are little notes.

coffee and chocolate brownie

Yummy a treat!

Then I decide to go to the cafe in the Common.  They h ave a really nice chocolate brownie.  I walk in, there is one left, there is a queue.  There are children.  I start to think what if one wants the chocolate brownie.  What if I am next and I hear one of the children queiuing behind that they want it.  Would I give it up for them?  If not how guilty would I feel?  Would there be some kind of fateful revenge for having a brownie that a child wanted?  OMG such stress.  You see this is what my mind goes through.  Thank goodness no child wanted it, it was huge, a corner piece, I was quite simply delighted and scoffed it as I walked across the grass.

shadow of woman

Walking with my coffee.

I then started to look for a bench, at this time was starting to feel quite sick from eating such a huge brownie, but the sun was shining and I thought yes, it is rest time, how indulgent right?  Will people think I am odd lying here?  Do I really care?  Nah, I really don’t life is too short, really it is.  With my back I have learnt to lie down in all kinds of odd places.  But I wasn’t lying down for my back hooorah, this really is a MOMENT OF DELIGHT!!!  I was lying down simply because I wanted to, there was no pain, but there was sunshine peeking through the trees.

kite up tree

I wonder whose that is?

On the way I did spot a kite stuck up a tree, a photo moment, hehe!

I wonder what poor child it belonged to, I imagined tears and all sorts, but still a photographic moment invoking thoughts of the story behind it!

 I lay there, sunning and dozing, then chatting to a friend, a little doggie came to visit me and then I headed home.

 All in all, there was some Random Moments of Delight in there!

What do you think?

Heading home.

Heading home.

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Come browse one of my other blogs?

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Come browse my journey with chronic pain!

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Lets stay connected!


  13 comments for “Random Moments of Delight #11 ~ Doomsday to choccie day!

  1. March 16, 2014 at 7:40 PM

    Aaww, a ginger cat!! And a shadow selfie and a normal selfie! Yay!! Also, thank you for obliging me with another toilet humour post 😉 You’re awesome to find delight in all the mess you’re experiencing. As to your insomniac husband — it’s me who is insomniac, not my husband, but when he’s awake, he too makes a hell of a noise no matter how hard he tries to avoid it. I guess he’s just too heavy to thread lightly…


    • March 16, 2014 at 9:03 PM

      Hehe well he was a v handsome ginger cat he just sat and looked at me he didn’t bat an eyelid and the house behind was so white he looked great! I enjoyed the sunshine I don’t know why I didn’t go out earlier but it was quieter so great. I did over indulge in the chocolate however after the stress of thinking a child might get it is that bad? Lol


      • March 16, 2014 at 9:06 PM

        It’s not bad! One should always give way to “older” people, hence coffee & chocolate must be yours to have! Now I want some chocolate too…


  2. March 16, 2014 at 9:22 PM

    Just think how sick that brownie would have made a child after all… you truly saved them from a horrible day… and their parents too, come to think of it. I’m so glad you lay on the bench. I’ve done that too and worried about what people thought, and then it just felt so good I thought who cares? That morning you had sounded pretty horrible… even though you were so funny about it. I’m so glad you found a moment of delight amidst it all. (and I hope your dog is feeling better!)


    • March 16, 2014 at 10:07 PM

      I like your reasoning re the chocolate
      Brownie. on a serious note I’m worried about my pug he’s 9 and right now hasn’t eaten all day, he’s wrenching on and off, he won’t leave his basket not even wag his tail and at times he’s being very labored woth breathing. I am stressing 😦 it’s evening now but unless things change he will go to the vets tomorrow x


      • March 16, 2014 at 11:20 PM

        I fully support that decision. I would do the same thing. Is he drinking any water? Wouldn’t want dehydration in the meantime.


        • March 17, 2014 at 12:08 AM

          He was but sicking it back up now he’s just lying in his basket 😦


          • March 17, 2014 at 12:19 AM

            Poor baby. Well, rest is always a good thing for healing.


            • March 17, 2014 at 6:57 AM

              He ate some food this morning let’s see what the rest of the day holds for him x it’s nice to have someone to chat over this , huggles x


              • March 17, 2014 at 5:36 PM

                It’s so worrisome when any of your family, even the furry ones, get sick. I’m glad he’s eating (and hopefully drinking) again.


                • March 17, 2014 at 5:57 PM

                  He’s barking hehe and running around woohoo such a relief. I love him dearly but also he is my last close link to my mum. I bought him for her when he was a puppy she loved him to death. Now he’s with me it is like a little piece of her is too and I worry because he’s getting on a little x


  3. March 16, 2014 at 10:44 PM

    What a day you have had, I appreciate you positive way to look at the life. Great photos and smart with the text inside the photo.


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