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Crouching with movements akin to an elderly person, chubby fingertips grasped the black feather, noting a tiny speck of blood on the tip, a frown of curiosity grew between darkening eyes.  The purpose for why she was in the bathroom was totally forgotten as the youngster made way up the stairs, dark eyes scouring for Emelie’s bedroom door.

Idly she found her fingers sweeping the feather across her cheeks enjoying the sensation as black marbles for eyes searched for a mirror, but found none, saying in snipped tone “I guess Emelie doesn’t care how she looks”, the rather unpleasant words meeting the ears of a quiet girl stood behind.

Sophie sensed a presence and swirled “oh Emelie I didn’t know you were there” the hot red cheeks of what must have been upset making its presence known upon the girl’s face.  Thud, thud, thud came the hooves, the feather now tucked within russet locks , the visitor mumbled “urgh my head hurts, everything hurts Emelie, my body feels odd, everything does, I need a mirror, do you have one?”

Rubbing a sweaty palm against creviced forehead she awaited an answer, moving from foot to foot in agitation.  “Yes mummy has a full length one, let’s go in to her room, let me show you” came Emelie’s sweet voice tinged with curiosity and shyness.  Sophie’s focus became blurred for a moment, little body swaying as she followed like a meandering river behind the oppressed girl.

Opulent furnishings hit Sophie’s eyes with a putrid glare, the decor not a surprise, yet still offensive to this young girl’s mind “urgh” she let slip as she entered.  Emelie swivelled towards her guest, one hand gesturing towards the long mirror “Here you are Sophie, what are you looking for?” came a question of unusual boldness.  “I don’t know, but well everything feels odd, please can you undo my dress and look at my back, please? Came the out of sort’s girl’s reply.

Slowly button by button until five were undone to give enough leverage for an inspection was complete, tentative fingers peeled back each side of cotton like opening a secret envelope “ohhhhHhHHh” came a tremulous exclaim from Emelie, who moved back faster than a hunted Giselle.

Sophie turned, her face pale, veins taking on a bluish tinge as her dark eyes blackened like the darkest night stared as if boring in to Emelie’s soul.  Emelie spotted those eyes as tears bubbled in fear forth from glassy blue irises.  “What, what is it, get me another mirror, quickly, I want to see” she snarled, the THUD thud thud having been present for some while now, yet the horse hooves thundering over her mind almost like a familiar friend now.

Emelie lowered her head as if not wishing to catch the obsidian glare, obediently another mirror, this time handheld was fetched, offered and snatched away “Your mother is a vain horrible woman Emelie, don’t become like your mother, don’t” she commanded without thought for her words nor care, the tone far more grown up than her years would indicate.  Emelie mumbled a sound in acknowledgement yet stood head down, hands clasped and wringing behind her back, chest rising in what appeared to be panic.

Mirrors_by_SkymoneStockSophie turned, heels lifted, perched beautifully upon tiptoes as she glanced upon the reflection within the handheld mirror, the sight not abhorrent but curious yet she knew would provide possible danger to her if discovered, an instinctive reaction.  Onyx eyes roamed over her once hidden spine that seemed to protrude like the tips of mountains from her once healthy looking skin.  This skin now that looked clouded like a storm was about to paint her body, yet a darkness bled out from every vertebrae, that darkness upon the touch of her elongated arm that stretched, curling about her shoulder to examine turned out to be the softest of down.

The crescent shape of her arm relaxed, turning to Emelie in almost serene fashion she said “Do me up, quickly, go and tell my mother I don’t feel well and need to go home, quickly.”  The young girl’s blue eyes remained fixed to the floor, slender feet scooting over “yes Sophie” came minimalist reply as if wanting no more from this girl who frightened her so.

black_feathers_by_elisanth-d4hjya2Once done, a claw like finger rose to press under the girl’s chin, forcing ice blue eyes to glance upon her own ebon ones, Emelie’s knees buckled momentarily like she might faint “I won’t hurt you Emelie, just don’t tell anyone what you saw, I will make your life better, I promise, you will see” came odd remark.  Blue eyes met black, Emelie feeling like she was sinking in to a dark hole, swirling and spinning until something spat her back out, she jumped “yes, yes, not a word, promise” came reply as she spun to do as told, descending the stairs rather weakly.

THUD, thud, thud came the hooves upon her soul, a darkness shot across the room, this time she did not jump, but moved as if unseen force beckoned her to gilded drawer, now prized open by curious claw like fingers.

From the drawer a nauseous sweet smell of expensive perfume wafted from La Perla lingerie, every type imaginable, thousands of pounds worth.  Her nose wrinkled as dark eyes searched as if knowingly, fingertips grasping on to a red envelope, that envelope tucked inside her dress, hidden away, just as the door opened.

Leaning against the dresser her eyes downcast, palm pressed against her forehead, mumbling in quiet tones “mummy I don’t feel good, please can we go, I feel sick.”   Both Valerie and mother rushed in, a wha whaaa came from Edward obviously left downstairs to fend for himself.  Valerie’s now snipped over polished tones said “Catherine, I think she looks like she might be sick, you best take her home, let me go down and see to Edward, whilst you get everything together.”  “Yes of course” came Sophie’s mother’s reply unable to get her daughter to lift her head, she took her gently by the hand, leading her downstairs “oh you do feel cold Sophie, poor dear, straight to bed”

Sophie glanced back once surreptitiously to Emelie dithering a few steps up from her as she descended only to lower it once more.  Baby, seemingly sick girl was gathered and ushered out of the house as fast as Valerie could without causing offence, the door gave a hearty slam as the words of “Don’t look at me with such horror Emelie, I couldn’t have her being sick on my nice new carpet, could I?”  Emelie mumbled “It wasn’t that, it wasn’t that” as she returned back to her bedroom to contemplate recent events with trusted bunny tucked by her face for safety.

Catherine worked swiftly, used to dealing with everything on her own.  Edward was placed ready to wash and Sophie taken to her bedroom to undress “No mummy I can do it, I will just go to bed, I need to sleep” came words coated with earnest.  “Alright darling, I have left the angel for you by the bed, it might cheer you up, come to me if you need anything, I will be bathing Edward then getting him to bed, ok?”

Sophie nodded in reply; the thud of the door closing was heard as fingers prized the red envelope from her dress, the seal not licked the contents were easy to retrieve.  A Christmas Card it was, innocent enough until fingers opened it up, revealing the words ‘Darling Robert, I can’t wait until you return, I cannot stand a minute longer of being with Henry.  I want it to be just you and me, I can’t pretend any longer that this means nothing, I know you love me like I love you, our time will be soon.  Your heart, Valerie xxxx’

Sophie wanted to be sick, her stomach twisted and knotted, the bile rising as her fingers cut through the card in anger ‘how could she, how could he, her father, with that woman, what about mummy, what about Edward, that woman is pure evil’ came her thoughts screaming from ear to ear.  The youngster’s mouth opened to scream, yet nothing came out, her body convulsed in a sob yet it was silent, then the Thud, thud, thud came to calm senses, soothing now not hurting anymore.

The sounds of Edward gurgling in the bath could be heard as bedroom door opened just a slit, the young girl slipped in between, moving like a ghost to her father’s study, once in, placing the envelope to lean against the family photo which rested upon the mahogany veneer, her fingers moving for a moment over the grand desk before she returned.

Sophie lay in her bed, the moon’s light just glinting through the crack in the curtains as one hand reached out to open the box, that box with that angel.  Lifting it out the pain shot through her arm, yet she bore it, wincing just a touch as the white feathers darkened with the shadows of the night or was it?  Glorious offering slipped from fingertips as darkness descended, her blackened pupils lifting, perhaps a curl of a smile, as He arrived, wings outstretched, the darkness encroaching…..

Darkness approaching

Darkness approaching

Just one or two more episodes then it’s all over….I wonder what will happen?

Your feedback and comments are always gratefully received.  It is very useful and gratifying to hear what you have to say, please 🙂

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  1. December 18, 2014 at 7:56 PM

    As always, I’m completely intrigued and enthralled (particularly by what you let slip today on the phone lol) I can’t wait to read the finale xx

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  2. December 18, 2014 at 9:32 PM

    I would like to have the conclusion — and full resolution! — for Christmas. Pretty please?

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    • December 18, 2014 at 9:34 PM

      Lol i may or may not be able to accommodate that hehe. However any feedback on it? Grins xx

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  3. December 19, 2014 at 5:51 AM

    Justine – fabulous. We all need more. I’m loving the imagery that you are able to conjur with words. Excellent.

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    • December 19, 2014 at 9:14 AM

      oooh good and hopefully it didn’t give you sleepless nights as i imagine you could do without that with all your flying. xx Your comments as always muchy appreicated x

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      • December 20, 2014 at 12:01 AM

        Actually I didn’t sleep last night 😉 but it was because Gidget was being a drama queen!

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        • December 20, 2014 at 1:39 PM

          oh no, what was the matter? x

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          • December 20, 2014 at 1:45 PM

            We stayed at my parents’ house. She usually stays there without me. She thinks it’s weird when I’m there, she was confused. I think she kept checking to see if I had left without her 😊 Back home tonight and she is snoring soundly. X

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  4. December 19, 2014 at 3:39 PM

    The tension keeps on being tightened and wound up, I need a drink! And, like Mara, I need to know what happens next!! A dark and sinister story….

    ps – the photos are just great too

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  5. December 19, 2014 at 7:29 PM

    You are just keeping us hanging!

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