Eclectic Corner #10 Unconditional Love – Photography, quotes and poetry!

Eclectic Corner #10, Unconditional Love – Photography, quotes and poetry!

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I love Eclectic Corner



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Thank you’s

Thank you to all of you who joined in on Eclectic Corner #9 The Edge, it was great to see the variety of takes on this.

You can still see the InLinkz page and blog hop through the entries if you wish, you will find it here:  InLinkz Eclectic Corner #9

We had 7 lovely entries to whom I wish to thank and do a small shout out!

  1. Trigger Happy – shared a real story with the ‘bloodmoon’ when it came to pass and wow what photos, they were almost unearthly they were so magical to look at.
  2. Andy Townend – Gave us a great modern/urban photograph and poem, plus quote.  The poem was one to really make one think and to me ‘made sense’ totally in how one should lead one’s life.
  3. Blog it or Lose It – Gave us a wonderful haiku, a little bit of education, photography, videos, wow and so much more, pure talent.
  4. Musings of a Frequently Flying Scientist – we had Edgy photography but moreso a wonderful poem, one that touched me deeply!
  5. Inspiring Max – All I can say is this must the longest edge I have ever seen and scariest!
  6. Walking with Sekhmet – Georgia is a very talented poet, please go and see her beautiful donation to this challenge.
  7. Debs World – Debs seems to have vertigo like me so I was stunned when I saw her photogs,go see for yourself.

Thank you again to all and I hope to see you all again this time around 😀


What is happening this week?

This week we are concentrating on

  • Photography
  • Favourite Quotes
  • Poetry, Free Verse

The subject matter that will be lasting a fortnight is “Unconditional Love”.

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, it can also be love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism, or complete love

I would like to invite those of you who want to join this event to do one or all of the following:

  1. Submit a photograph that depicts “Unconditional Love” to you.  This can be totally out of the box, literal, about emotions, physical, anything, go wild with what comes in to your mind.
  2. Submit perhaps your favourite quote that relates to“Unconditional Love”
  3. To submit a poem in the form of a Free Verse, brief explanation of what this is you can find below:

 What is Free Verse Poetry?

Free verse is an open form of poetry. It does not use consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any other musical pattern. It thus tends to follow the rhythm of natural speech


My donation for this event

Unconditional Love

Eclectic Corner #10 Companionship

Eclectic Corner #10 Companionship

The 21st April is my mother’s birthday.  She passed away some years ago, however the date always is one that I remember and try to ‘do’ something to celebrate her life rather than be sad, however she is and always will be sorely missed.  It is with this in mind that I decided to focus today’s challenge on “Unconditional Love” as I can truly say that that is what I had for her and I know she, me.

I have learned the hard way that a parent’s love is not always ‘unconditional’ but with my mother this was never the case.

A quote I love:

“But I give best when I give from that deeper place; when I give simply, freely and generously, and sometimes for no particular reason. I give best when I give from my heart.”
Steve Goodier


A Free Verse Poem I wrote 

The slats on the bench were always uneven, that bench, that spot.

That bench was always uncomfortable, digging in to my bony bottom, but it never mattered.

We would often sit upon said bench by the lake, sometimes eyes open, sometimes eyes closed.

Mother Nature with all her splendour would put on a show for all the senses,

birds would twitter, dipping upon the lake, flowers would wave scented petals upon the balmy tide of aromatic breeze.

I would look at her with wonder, awe at her knowledge,

she would know this and always that, both Mother Nature and my mother.

My ignorance on such matters, which bird is that, what tree is that called would normally put me to shame.

But not with her, no shame to be had, just guidance and love over the many years.

I would watch her enjoy the moment of sprinkling sunshine peeking through the branches,

enjoy seeing the lines of life, a happy life covet her face.

I would enjoy watching her people watch, always a sense of innocence and wonderment in her gaze

I would reach out my hand, leave it lingering, hoping like a child for a mother’s warmth.

Sometimes it would come, a squeeze of affection as fingers pressed together within her grasp,

sometimes it would not as joy at Mother Nature distracted her from me.

Today my hand reached out, same as always, the same bench, the same sense of familiarity,

but today there was no hand to be placed over mine, just an empty space, just me and myself.

For Mother Nature had claimed one of her own, mother and mother united,

leaving me with the warmth so blessed of her unconditional love.

Though this photo is not of me, nor did I sit with my mother on said bench, when I was near the lake and saw this couple it reminded me of the love one I have for my mother, the relationship that I so miss, that I would like to sit on that bench with her, but all the same, even without that, I know somewhere, some days, she is still here with me.

© Justine Nagaur


Thank you for joining in the fun!

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  14 comments for “Eclectic Corner #10 Unconditional Love – Photography, quotes and poetry!

  1. April 21, 2015 at 9:41 AM

    What a lovely heart warming poem Justine. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. April 21, 2015 at 6:20 PM

    A very moving poem Justine, full of emotion. Will be back with a contribution later this week…

    Liked by 2 people

  3. April 22, 2015 at 11:50 AM

    Jussie, how touching. I got some tears running down my face…
    It is a very beautiful poem, speaking straight from your heart and landing in mine.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beauty with us.

    Liked by 2 people

    • April 23, 2015 at 2:20 PM

      Thank you, glad you liked, I do miss her terribly. It was yes straight from the heart, a lovely comment, muchly appreciated x ❤


  4. April 24, 2015 at 2:06 PM

    Beautiful verse, Justine. I am moved. The love for your mother, our Mother, life’s wonders and its invevitble, sad cycle. … Teary. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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