Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

This week’s Daily Post challenge is focusing on the word relax.  Seriously do any of us get time to relax at this time of the year?  Well apparently Teddy my Frenchie does, he gets lots and lots of time to relax.  So much so I seem to have an array of dog beds, most of which are now worn out due to my one year old pug who tends to go mental at 3pm and rush around the kitchen up and over the bed like a Tasmanian Devil.  Suffice to say the beds have collapsed and or are in bits.

So I went shopping for another one.  One that would be sturdy, one that I could wash or had a waterproof kind of cover.  One that didn’t have sides with an insertable cushion as those corners tend to be where you find half a tree or something hideous buried.  Keep it simple.

I went online and thought I had found a suitable one.  It arrived which was vacuum packed.  I am not very good at having any idea on sizing.  With great effort I got this thing out of its shrink wrap and was very excited.  I left it on the floor for half an hour and came back to see it had doubled in size and would fit probably three children comfortably on it, let alone two small dogs.  It also took up half my kitchen floor space.

This was returned.  I would have liked to have taken a photograph of the postman’s face as he came to collect it.  I had explained that there was no way I would get it back in the box again so it was suitably taped up in bin liners.

Next time I decided to go and visit an ‘actual’ pet store to get a better idea of sizing.  Bingo, found one.  It ticks all the boxes but has a rather special feature and that it is very lightweight, which one would think a good thing, until psychotic pug decides to use it like a trampoline and I am always quite impressed at how far this bed can fly across the kitchen.

However I kept it as couldn’t face going shopping again.

One fine afternoon, Teddy had a bit of piece and quiet as Archie my pug partook in his second favourite activity which is going in the garden and barking/trying to catch every single flying object, be they random ones he seems to see only in his head and the planes that fly over, as well as birds, butterflies, insects you name it.  He is kept well occupied.

Teddy took to his bed luxuriously on his own in piece and I covered him with his lovely little fleeze, suffice to say he looked as comfortable as a bug in a rug!

Frenchbulldog asleep

What do you think?

Justine xx



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