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#Photography101: Water & #NaBloPoMo Day 5


I had a little grumble when I woke up this morning and saw the challenge ‘water’ for the Photography101 challenge for today.  Not only because my immediate thought was that I would have to go outside but yes I have that miserable winter bug caught from my children over half term, they always like to share the little darlings.

So the prospect of going outside wasn’t an appealing one but actually in hindsight it does tend to make one feel better and ‘clear out the cobwebs’ so to speak.

So I found a puddle, yep not some roaring ocean or majestic river flowing over sparkling stones but a puddle!

I am taking on Cheri’s advice from yesterday and finding art or interest in the mundane and seriously, how more mundane than a puddle. right?

I live in the UK, so puddles are as common as queues here.

Now I took a vertical and horizontal shot of the puddle shots, as requested by the challenge, with my trusty steed, my iPhone6.

When I looked at the shots from my phone I preferred I thought the horizontal one, but now I see it on the blog I muchly prefer the vertical one.

I suppose that is part of the exercise right, to see how one image can be affected by the placement of the shot?

Why do I prefer the vertical.  Mainly because of the reflection in the puddle, it is a street lamp which is long and the vertical one to me accentuates this, whereas the horizontal one just squashes everything up.  So I have learn’t from this that perhaps long items do better on vertical shots, but I stand to be correct on that.


Now in keeping with my writing for NaBloPoMo I feel I should do puddles some justice seeing as they are everywhere, often ignored, often misjudged!!!

Look at this puddle, what do you see?

It is a drinking well for little animals, survival for some, pleasure for others.

It holds the vestiges of Autumn, holding the leaves perhaps with their colour a little longer for our visual appreciation, should we care to look.

The puddle cleans tips of boots should they dare to wander through bringing joyful glee to children splashing through with vigour.

Puddles highlight rubbish like cigarette butts that people might toss their way, a silent plea to pick it up and put it away.

Puddles highlight the rest of the world through reflections like a mirror,

They cause pretty patterns when they are dappled by the droplets of rain, for all our amusement.

Puddles are in fact ART!!!

Can you think of anything else to say about puddles or am I completely nuts?

 Horizontal Shot

Photography101: Water

Photography101: Water

Vertical shot

Photography101: Water

Photography101: Water

Macro Water

I thought I would continue the whole water and my slightly cold infested aka loopy loo state of mind back indoors and get arty farty with some macro water.

The shots below are taken with my Fuji Bridge Camera, the poor mans DSLR

What did I find with the first black and white picture below, did I learn anything?

For me, I enjoyed playing around with the colours, seeing that turning it black and white highlighted the line that water makes when inside glass.  I like the slight ripples that one can see, I am such a ripple girl!  What does that mean I hear you ask, I decline to answer.

Also I enjoy the distortion the water and glass give if you look above the line and below.

This is the Horizontal Shot

Photography101: Water

Photography101: Water

Vertical Shot

I got a bit arty farty again I am afraid.

Here I played with the colours a little and tried to work it to focus on the ripple on the right.  In doing so it almost becomes as bright as a light and again its a ripple and I am as said before a ‘ripple girl’.

Photography101: Water

Photography101: Water

 Which photo do you prefer and why?  I would love to hear.

I was going to try and write a poem for the Nano thingy but exhaustion from this buggly wuggly thing has taken over and bed calls me for a mo de toe!!!

When I awake I shall eagerly respond to any and all comments for which I sleep and wait with eagerness.

Snuffly huggles, Justine x

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Photography101 Water






Nano Poblano 2014

Nano Poblano 2014